FBV’s volunteer program is currently on haitus. We are not currently accepting volunteers.
Our volunteer program is based on progressive stages of involvement ranging from an initial seven day introductory program to long term programs that can run for multiple months. Our volunteer programs allow our volunteers to get a feel for the place before taking on larger commitments of time and energy along with the ability to customize their schedule and work requirements. The long term programs can lead to further opportunities within the project (see below).

Both the short and long term programs include three meals a day, lodging and initial transportation to and final trip from the farm.


It all starts with a seven day ‘HowDoYaDo’ where the volunteer is immersed in the daily activities of the project as a helping hand. You could be assisting in the retreat kitchen, on the organic permaculture farm, grounds maintenance or with a construction project – it all depends on a synergy between your interests and skills and our needs and wants at the time of your visit.

$85 per week with 3 volunteer hours per day, 4 days out of the seven.
$65 per week with 4 volunteer hours per day, 4 days out of the seven.

*These one week introductions can be extended by up to
two additional weeks, adding immeasurably to your experience
of the farm, the surrounding islands, their people and a life less ordinary*

Contact us and inquire about the possibilities.


We offer renewable 4 week programs that require prior completion of the HowDoYaDo Intro week.

$40 per week with 4 volunteer hours per day, 4 days per week

$25 per week with 5 volunteer hours per day, 4 days per week

$0 per week with 6 volunteer hours per day, 5 days per week

*Multiple 4 week intensives can lead to apprenticeships,
cash compensation opportunities, shareholder status
and/or profit sharing. These possibilities are established
on a case by case basis as everyone can offer the place
something different as a long term participant.*

Contact us and inquire about the possibilities. 


When visiting the project be sure to bring a flashlight, a book or two, a rain poncho, a wide brim hat, sunblock, a swimsuit, only 100% biodegradable bathroom products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry powder, etc.), bug repellent (Citronella 10% works well), sturdy workshoes or rubber boots, good energy and a happy spirit…

As a volunteer you would require money only for personal needs apart from main meals and lodging. This could include chewing gum, condoms, snacks, beer, bathroom products (biodegradable), cold drinks, transportation other than the regular run to Almirante or Changuinola, the occassional snorkel rental, dinner across the bay in Bocatorito, occassional overnight stays in Bocas…you get the idea.