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Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy and surgery are essential services we offer. The difference between the way we perform this and other dentists is that we use materials and medicine that is based on natural ingredients rather than being chemicals that may have adverse effects on some people.

Herbal remedies

Our services also include a wide variety of herbal remedies that will prevent damage to the teeth. Some of those remedies can replace regular toothpaste while others are used for mouth washing after meals. Check our site for some of the products that will protect your teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants can be natural and durable at the same time. Implants we use are made out from zirconium, and they won’t have any adverse effects on you. They are durable and sturdy, and you don’t run a risk of damaging them.

Cosmetic surgery

Our services include cosmetic surgery where we use natural ingredients to make your smile beautiful. Your teeth will keep their white color for much longer than they would if you did this in a typical dentistry clinic.

Why Choose Us

The difference between traditional dentistry offices and us is that we use natural medicine to treat our patients rather than using a mixture of chemicals to accomplish that. We can still offer same services that mainstream dentistry provides, but you won’t be in a risk of running into problems that arise with the use of chemicals that you can find in every mainstream dentistry service.

Our Advantages

We maximize the oral health

Holistic practitioners don’t believe in quick fixes, and therefore you won’t find such things when you visit a natural dentist. The goal of every treatment is to maximize the oral health of the patient and make sure that the issue doesn’t occur again.

Avoiding invasive treatments

We always try to avoid invasive treatments that are quite common in mainstream dentistry. We are fully capable of performing them, but there are more natural ways to either prevent or repair the damage that requires surgery.

Prevent further damage

Our treatments will prevent further damage that you suffered from standard treatments that involved silver or other fillings. We hire only the best natural dentists in Seattle that are willing to right the wrongs you went through.

Help a whole body

The very nature of holistic way to treat a patient is based on the idea that treatment should help a whole body, rather than just one part of it. We attribute this approach to our favorite whole-body dentist in Seattle, Richard Stickney DDS. Our treatments won’t harm the rest of the body while fixing dentistry problems and that is why you should choose us over others.

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