The advantages of holistic, over traditional, dentistry

Holistic medicine, including dentistry) has a different approach to the problems that it faces. The success rate of this method is excellent, and that is something that mainstream pharmaceutical companies don’t want to acknowledge. You will see a lot of articles that belittle our way of fixing teeth, and that is normal because this industry relies on making people pay for same treatment over and over again.

Now, if you aren’t one of those that is willing to listen to both sides then here are some advantages of natural teeth treatment that are evident but refused by large corporations. You don’t have to trust us, just go to our page and then check the internet and you will find a bunch of articles that support holistic medicine.

The natural approach to dentistry

Holistic dentistry approaches the person differently because we consider the whole individual as a patient that needs healing and not just his teeth. We could go on and talk about the spiritual and mental impact that treatment can have, but we will focus on physical effects that the person experiences.

Traditional approach concentrates on the problem and uses machines and chemicals to fix it. This method would be good if there were no side-effects. Those negative effects exist, and that is why we are advocating a new approach that removes chemicals from treatments and limits the use of machines. We aren’t primitive, and we will use machines and tools to fix a tooth, but we won’t use things that will do additional damage to a body. That way of thinking is the basis of natural dentistry.

Our dentists won’t give you chemicals because most of them have side-effects that may cause harm to your body in the future. We use natural ingredients that are safe to use, and that won’t cause any harm. We care for our patient and not only about his teeth, and that is the major advantage of our approach as traditional dentists focus on teeth while the chemicals they use, damage other parts of the body.

Prevention over intervention

Another benefit that our way of caring for the patient is that we focus on prevention rather than intervention. We are looking for ways to prevent the damage to teeth and the entire oral cavity rather than waiting for the problem to occur and then treat it. We won’t just fix the immediate problem that our client faces, we will also give them advice and remedies that will prevent another occurrence of that issue.

This approach, which prioritizes prevention, isn’t accepted by the traditional part of this business because they want more work which comes from a reoccurrence of the same problems.

The heath of the patient comes first

We are an organization that provides natural products that will prevent problems with teeth. They can replace regular toothpaste which is full of chemicals. Other products come into effect after meals as they destroy bacteria in a natural way which won’t cause any side-effects. Check our website and see what we can do for you.